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Supervisory Skills - Career Enhancement Program - Jones College Professional Development is a Program

Full program description

The earner of this badge has successfully completed the following Online Workforce College modules:

  • Personal Vision
    • LIF-1001 Identifying Your Life Goals
    • PFI-1002 Goal Setting
    • PFI-1003 Budgeting
    • PFI-1008 Retirement Planning
  • Communicating Successfully
    • COM-1001 Introduction to Communication
    • COM-1002 Effective Communication
    • COM-1003 Verbal Communication
    • COM-1004 Written Communication
  • Understanding others
    • COM-1005 Nonverbal Communication
    • COM-1006 Listening Skills
    • COM-1007 Workplace Communication
  • Resolving Conflict
    • COM-2001 Workplace Communication
    • COM-2002 Communication Skills
    • COM-2003 Managing Conflict
    • COM-2005 Successful Documentation