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Full program description

The earner of this badge has successfully completed the following Online Workforce College modules:

  • A Safe Workplace
    • SAF-1001 Introduction to OSHA
    • SAF-1002 Making Work a Safer Place
    • SAF-1003 Help! What to Do in an Emergency
  • Protecting ME and others
    • SAF-1004 Personal Protective Equipment
    • SAF-1005 Eye and Face Protection
    • SAF-1006 Head Protection
    • SAF-1007 Foot and Leg Protection
    • SAF-1008 Hand and Arm Protection
    • SAF-1009 Body Protection
    • SAF-1010 Hearing Protection
    • SAF-1011 Respiratory Protection
  • Right to Know
    • SAF-1012 Hazardous Materials
    • SAF-1013 HazCom
    • SAF-1014 Hazardous Waste
    • SAF-1015 Hazard Material Storage
  • Area Safety
    • SAF-1016 Work Area Safety
    • SAF-1017 Permit-Related Safety