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Full program description

The earner of this badge has successfully completed the following Online Workforce College modules:

  • Working with heights
    • SAF-1017 Permit-Related Safety
    • SAF-1018 Fall Prevention
    • SAF-1019 Ladder Safety
  • Keeping us all safe
    • SAF-1020 Electrical Safety
    • SAF-1021 Lockout/Tagout
    • SAF-1022 Fire Safety
    • SAF-1023 Fire Extinguishers
  • Material Handling
    • SAF-1024 Material Handling Basics
    • SAF-1025 Powered Industrial Trucks
    • SAF-1026 Crane and Rigging Safety
    • SAF-1027 Hand Tool Safety
  • General safety
    • SAF-1027 Power Tool Safety
    • SAF-1028 Sheet Metal and Compressed Gas Safety
    • SAF-1029 Machine Safety
    • SAF-1030 Safety Devices
    • SAF-1031 Safety Devices