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Full course description

Course Description

In this course, you’ll find out how to create a resume that helps you win employers over. You’ll discover how to customize a master resume to each position you apply for. You’ll also learn what to include in each section of your resume and discover writing tips to present yourself in the best possible light.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

• Define a resume

• Describe the advantages and disadvantages of a resume

• Describe the most common types of resumes

• Create a master resume

• Describe the contents to include in each section of a resume

• Explain how to handle references

• Explain how to provide salary information

• Avoid common resume mistakes

• List guidelines for writing your resume

• Describe the importance of proofreading your resume

• Know how to properly format your resume

• Describe how to handle lack of work experience and employment gaps

• Understand how to prepare your resume for upload

Estimated completion time (hours): 1.2