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Full course description

Course Description

In this course, you’ll learn what you need to do after an interview. You’ll find out how to gauge your thoughts about an interview before time causes them to fade. You’ll also discover why you need to send a thank-you note and when it’s okay to follow up. You’ll find out how to evaluate, negotiate, and accept or decline an offer. Finally, you’ll learn how to properly resign from your current job.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

• Define the parking lot test

• Understand how to write and send a thank-you note

• Identify the types of employment tests you may be asked to take

• List the components of a job offer

• Explain how to evaluate an offer

• Explain how to negotiate an offer

• Understand offer contingencies

• Describe how to handle multiple offers

• Explain how to respond to an offer

• Explain how to give notice at your current job

• Describe how to handle counteroffers

• Be prepared for being escorted out of the building

Estimated completion time (hours): 0.9