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Using Find and Replace JC-MSO-2015


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Course Description

Searching for text in a document and replacing it with different text can be tedious and time consuming. The Find and Replace commands automate the process of searching for text and, if needed, replacing it with different text. Using these commands can save significant amounts of time when you are editing a document.

By the end of this module, you will be able to

  • Describe the difference between finding and replacing text
  • Turn the Navigation pane on and off
  • Use the Headings and Pages options to move to a specific location in your document
  • Find text in your document
  • Use the Results option to review the result of finding text
  • Understand the benefits of the Advanced Find command
  • Describe the Match Case, Format, and Special options
  • Describe how to use Replace All to replace text
  • Describe how to replace text using the Replace and Find Next buttons

Estimated completion time (hours): 1.2