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Aircraft Familiarization - Skill Group Pathway


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An aircraft is a complex piece of equipment. Many different systems must work together to enable us to fly from place to place safely. This course provides a fundamental understanding of aircraft assemblies, configurations, and mechanical controls for those who plan to work in the aviation industry or for those simply wanting to become more familiar with aircraft. It also provides an overview of the materials and construction methods used to build aircraft, as well as the impact of corrosion on an aircraft.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Identify key milestones in aviation history
  • Describe the primary assemblies of an airplane
  • Describe how the laws of physics and nature work with the design of an aircraft to enable flight
  • Explain how the mechanical systems and the design of an airplane impact its flight characteristics
  • Identify airplanes based on their unique configuration
  • Describe the advantages of different configurations
  • Understand how the materials used to construct an aircraft impact its performance
  • Describe different methods of constructing aircraft
  • Define corrosion and describe the impact it can have on aircraft components
  • Explain the purpose and importance of regulations in the aviation industry

Estimated completion time (hours): 14.6