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Aerospace Wire Bundle Installation Project - Skill Group Pathway is a Program

Full program description


Properly installing wire bundles in an airplane is critical to the safety of the airplane and the passengers who fly on it. This course introduces you to the installation requirements for wire bundles.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand the importance of wire bundle clearance and separation
  • Understand the minimum bend radius for wire bundles
  • Describe how to clamp wire bundles
  • Describe how to tie wire bundles
  • Use the installation plan to determine the materials needed, requirements for the installation, and other installation plans associated with the project
  • Compare the areas of installation to the production illustration
  • Pre-route the wire bundles
  • Clamp the wire bundles
  • Identify the proper torque for a bolt
  • List items to inspect after wire bundle installation

Estimated completion time (hours): 12.6