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CNC Vertical Machining Center - Skill Group Pathway is a Program

Full program description


A vertical machining center has a spindle head assembly that is perpendicular to the table. This course will give you an understanding of a vertical machining center’s components, its movements, the tooling that can be used for machining, and how to keep these things running smoothly. It also provides information on how to use the CNC Controller for a CNC machining center.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Describe the purpose of each CNC machining center component
  • Define movements on the Z-, Y-, and X-axis
  • Identify common workholding devices
  • Describe how an automatic tool change occurs
  • Understand the parts of the CNC controller and how they operate
  • Explain how the auxiliary systems of a CNC machining center work

Estimated completion time (hours): 4.8