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Assembly of Coaxial Connectors - Skill Group Pathway is a Program

Assembly of Coaxial Connectors - Skill Group Pathway


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Radio communication is critical to the safe operation of an airplane. Special cables called coax cables are often used to provide static-free radio communications. In this course, you will learn about coax cables and the connectors used to connect to the equipment, as well as the tools used for their assembly.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • List the parts of a coax cable
  • List some types of coax cables
  • List the components required to connect a coax cable to equipment
  • List methods to install contacts
  • List the tools required to install coax connectors on a cable
  • Prepare a coax cable, crimp a contact, and crimp a connector

Estimated completion time (hours): 4.8