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Precision Measurement Tools I - Skill Group Pathway


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Precision measurement instruments differ from normal measurement tools because of their ability to measure with a greater degree of precision and accuracy. This course covers rules, calipers, and micrometers, and how to properly use them and interpret their measurements.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Explain the difference between precision and accuracy
  • Identify the basic components of a measurement
  • Identify the key components of the precision rule
  • Use the precision rule to accurately measure a length
  • Identify all the parts of a caliper and how they work together to measure
  • Use the caliper to measure a length and depth
  • Identify the parts of a micrometer and how they work together to measure a product
  • Use the micrometer to accurately measure a distance

Estimated completion time (hours): 5.3