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Visual testing is a common method of nondestructive examination. It is often the first step of inspecting a product for defects. This course introduces you to visual testing in the aerospace industry.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Define visual testing
  • Explain the importance of the quantity and direction of light during visual testing
  • List visual testing techniques
  • Describe the types of equipment a technician might use during visual testing
  • Understand that certain types of discontinuities are more common to specific manufacturing stages
  • Understand the importance of product standards
  • Describe the process of visually testing castings
  • Describe the process of visually testing wrought metal products
  • Describe the process of visually testing welds
  • Understand the types of defects that arise while a product is in service

Estimated completion time (hours): 15.0