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Tooling Capstone Project - Skill Group Pathway is a Program

Tooling Capstone Project - Skill Group Pathway


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There are many circumstances that create the need for a new tool or for modifying an old tool. In this course you will learn why new tools are needed, and you'll be able to list some common sources of information for a toolmaker. You will understand how to produce permanent assemblies, identify and create critical features of a tool, and understand how to make tools user-friendly.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

  • Understand why tools are needed and the reasons behind a process for making a tool
  • Understand flag notes and removability
  • Define permanent assemblies
  • Create a permanent assembly with screws and dowel pins
  • Identify methods of creating critical features and satisfying critical requirements
  • Identify precision locators, such as bullet nose pins and bushings

Estimated completion time (hours): 5.6