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Honeycomb Core Materials JC-CMP-2006


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Full course description

Course Description

Honeycomb core materials are used in sandwich structures. A sandwich structure is a structure that has two composite skin bonded to a core material.

By the end of this course, you will be able to

• Define the three stresses that interact with a honeycomb core structure

• Explain how these stresses are reduced through the use of honeycomb core materials

• List the most common types of honeycomb core materials

• Describe and differentiate between the honeycomb core materials

• List the three honeycomb core cell shapes

• Explain how honeycomb core materials are used in commercial applications

• Describe the four types of edge sealing

• List the tools that are used to cut and finish honeycomb core materials

• Describe the purpose of adhesive film in a honeycomb structure

Estimated completion time (hours): 0.9