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Teamwork – Group Dynamics and Success - Jones College Professional Development is a Program

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The earner of this badge has successfully completed the following Online Workforce College modules:

  • TEAM Basics
    • TEA-1001 Working in a Group
    • TEA-1004 Life Stages of a Team
    • TEA-1003 Effective Collaboration
  • TEAM Leadership
    • TEA-1005 Meetings
    • TEA-1011 Leadership
    • TEA-1013 Teamwork
  • TEAM Effectiveness
    • TEA-1002 Group Communication
    • TEA-1005 Meetings
    • TEA-1007 Creativity
    • TEA-1008 Problem-Solving
  • TEAM Performance
    • TEA-1014 Team Building
    • TEA-1015 Team Development
    • TEA-1016 Team Problem Solving
    • TEA-1017 Training and Development