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Managing Through Continuous Improvement - Jones College Professional Development is a Program

Full program description

The earner of this badge has successfully completed the following Online Workforce College modules:

  • Lean Principles
    • Lean Principles LEA-1001
    • The History of Lean Manufacturing LEA-1002
    • Workplace Organization LEA-1003
  • The Five S's (5S program)
    • (5S) S:1 Sort LEA-1004
    • (5S) S: Straighten LEA-1005
    • (5S) S: Shine LEA-1006
    • (5S) S: Standardize LEA-1007
    • (5S) S: Sustain LEA-1008
  • Management Strategies
    • Managing Your Time TIM-1001
    • Getting Organized TIM-1006
    • Ending Procrastination TIM-1007
    • Taking Advantage of Technology TIM-1008
    • Focusing on Your Customers CUS-1001
    • Providing Friendly, Courteous, and Efficient Service CUS-1002